When Frisco liberals are telling you you’re being too dovish, you’re being too dovish.

The officials gave POLITICO an early look at their emerging conclusions, which flesh out Obama’s admission on Tuesday that “a mix of human and systemic failures” was responsible for the embarrassing — and potentially catastrophic — intelligence failure.

Here’s what you can expect to hear in coming days:…

5) The transfers of the 198 inmates left in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility will be slowed, and no more will go to Yemen in the foreseeable future.

Translation: No more transfers until the near “man-made disaster” on Flight 253 drops off the media’s radar, at which point it’ll be time for a new round of Crayola therapy. You’ll be pleased to know that the six detainees whom McCain and Graham wrote to Obama about yesterday were actually returned to Yemen two weeks ago, right around the same time that the military was preparing the December 17 airstrike there on The One’s orders. Why he and Bush ever thought it was smart thinkin’ to repatriate people to a country where Al Qaeda has operated openly for years is unfathomable to me — it’s not unlike paroling detainees to the Pakistani tribal areas — but Steve Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn were warning about it almost a year ago. Is it too much to hope that someone had the bright idea to stick some sort of GPS transmitter on one of the six who’ve now been sent back so that at least we get an intel bonanza out of it?

Meanwhile, the administration insists that it’s full speed ahead on plans to close Gitmo, which means Congress will have to vote sometime next year on authorizing transfer of prisoners to the United States under all circumstances, not just for trial. Which brings me to a serious question: Is The One thinking that a Harry Reid loss next year in Nevada might not be a bad thing? The more unpopular crap he forces Reid to push, the more defeat seems assured — but he just keeps on feeding it to him, doesn’t he? Schumer is waiting in the wings to become majority leader if Reid goes down, and say what you will about Chuckles, but he’s a canny operator. Hard to believe he wouldn’t be more effective than Reid. And also hard to believe that Obama hasn’t thought of it.