How do people feel about government taking over health care after the display of self-admitted “systemic failure” over the last few days on what should be the government’s primary role?   Michael Ramirez puts it into perspective at Investors Business Daily as only the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist can:

The TSA reference doesn’t spring so much from the botched attack itself, which was hardly the fault of TSA.  After all, the US does not provide security in Lagos, Nigeria, or in Amsterdam.  But the TSA’s Chicken Little responses — banning laptops and requiring people to remain seated in the final 60 minutes of the flight — showed an amazing ignorance of the actual incident.  None of the measures would have stopped Umar Abdulmutallab from detonating his underwear bomb.  It’s as if they had a playbook of new restrictions to slap onto travelers just in case something happened and they needed to look as though they were responding to it.

And this same kind of bureaucratic mentality will be coming for your health care soon, if Obama and the Democrats get their way, as will the competence displayed by everyone in the loop who should have stopped Abdulmutallab from getting on that airplane.

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