I take her point — it sure is odd how camera-shy The One’s become this week after 24/7 Hopenchange for 11 months — but ultimately I agree with Ramesh Ponnuru. Let the man golf:

I don’t buy the criticism that Obama should have cut short his vacation and come to D.C. The modern presidency can and should be able to run from anywhere, and I doubt that any of the decisions that have been criticized would have come out differently if Obama had been in the White House. It’s true that being on vacation is politically risky; but that’s the public’s fault, not Obama’s.

More here from Lowry. Actually, the “where’s Obama?” angle is just a minor part of the clip; I’m using it as a bait to get you to watch because I want you to note the point MM makes near the end about Holder. She’s been after him about it since almost the day Obama was inaugurated and never has she seemed more prescient than she does right now. Holder’s old law firm, Covington & Burling, represented 17 Yemeni detainees, presumably with an eye to having them freed and sent home — which, as has been painfully clear since the Bush administration, is insane from a security standpoint. Did Holder object while at C&B or did the future Attorney General think that was someone else’s problem?

Exit question: Are Beck’s substitute hosts required to use the chalkboard too, or is this guy just enjoying the perk?