Hey, I’ll grant Nick Gillespie of Reason TV that this decade should have been mailed back to the sender. It started with a terrorist attack the US largely ignored (USS Cole), and ended with one that didn’t succeed but could have been easily avoided (NW253). The Naughts, as I think of them, started with a recession and ended with a much worse recession. We came in with Bill Clinton and we’ll go out with Barack Obama. But is this truly the worst decade? Nick makes a very entertaining case for it:

I’ll offer a few options for worst decade. The 1970s had an impeachment, the sacking of an American embassy, and stagflation that an interim President attempted to fight with … lapel buttons. The 1960s had a series of assassinations and social unrest. We fought a world war in the 1940s, and won it only to be confronted with a Cold War that would last more than four decades. The 1930s brought economic ruin and introduced massive expansions of federal government and authority that still haunt us. And don’t even get me started about the 1860s, which almost tore the country apart.

What would you rate as America’s worst political decade?

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