65 percent opposed it six months ago, so hey — he’s making progress. Look past the pure schadenfreude of this one, though, and you’ll see the potential political issue that’s looming. Unless I’m mistaken, The One still needs Congress to fully lift the ban on transferring Gitmo detainees to the U.S. They’ve already lifted it with respect to detainees, like KSM, who are on their way here to stand trial. What about those who are being sent to Illinois for indefinite detention without trial, though? Given the political climate these days and the objections civil libertarians will have, I wonder how interesting this could get in the Senate if polls like this start trickling in.

Since we’re talking polls (again), have a look-see at the comparative job approval numbers for Obama, Hillary, Gates, and um, Robert Gibbs. 51/45 for The One versus 50/33 for his belligerent, oafish press secretary? This is the same guy who, on a day when NBC was teasing a poll showing more people now prefer the status quo to ObamaCare, stood up at the press briefing and said, “I don’t think any rational person would say killing a bill is better at this point.” Granted, the bar is infinitely lower for a mouthpiece than for the C-in-C, but really, America? Obama’s doing worse than someone who wracked his brain and simply couldn’t recall any Bush/Hitler comparisons over the past eight years? This really is Waterloo.