Two birds with one stone here, using an all-senior cast to reflect grandpa’s jitters about ObamaCare and a catchphrase lifted from yesterday’s Code Red event to address tea partiers’ feelings of disenfranchisement. Throw the whippersnappin’ bums out, says Jay Cost:

When the people catch wind of the full scope of this bill, and they will, there will be hell to pay. The public has been known to vote against big business and big government. Somehow, this compromised bill manages to deliver both – big government and big business, joined together, with the little guy forced to participate.

If the Democrats pass this bill, the Republicans will pound them relentlessly and mercilessly in next year’s midterm campaign. All across the country right now, would-be Republican candidates can sense that this is their chance finally to get into Congress. They’re already starting to toss their hats into the ring. Many more will follow because they know what the public thinks of this. They know that they’ll find plenty of donors to bankroll those ads talking about the individual mandate, the insurance company giveaways funded by Medicare cuts, the victory for special interests, and how it all happened behind closed doors. And they know what kind of effect these ads are going to have.

Democrats were bound to lose seats next year because it is a midterm and they’re in charge. They were bound to lose extra seats because it’s a recession. But if they pass this bill, God help them. The people sure as hell won’t.

Read down to the very end of Michael Barone’s new piece for your quote of the day. You’ll know it when you see it. Exit question: Can Reid’s coalition of 60 withstand many more polls like this? We’re this late in the game, with a vote on the final bill possibly set to go off within the week, and for the first time voters are telling pollsters they prefer the status quo? Good luck in those midterms, champ.