I’m giving you this only because anti-Steele sentiment in the comments tends to run almost, but not quite, as hot as anti-Huckabee sentiment and I’m curious to see if that’ll hold true even for something light.

Goofy holiday photos with interns: Fun? Or an undignified breach of decorum?

It’s a good thing Michael Steele left the Maryland political scene in order to tackle our nation’s issues in a serious manner.

A seriously funny one, that is!

Check out these images (unearthed by our old friend Jim Newell) on Maryland photographer Mark Odell’s Web site of Steele cuttin’ up with Republican National Committee “interns.” He’s putting people in headlocks. He’s proposing to them. He’s bribing them with cash and is even doing cheers with a little girl. Oh, the yucks just keep on coming.

33 percent in the sidebar poll at the link say they’re furious, but TPM, which has a gallery of the 17 goofiest shots, seems uncharacteristically charmed, as does the Atlantic. I think it’s cute too, but then it’s not for nothing that I’m the second-most annoying blogger in the right-wing blogosphere. Let’s poll it. Flip through TPM’s gallery and vote.

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