Things are looking bad for Steeler Nation this week.  Not only did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs last week, they lost Big Ben Roethlisberger for the game.  After having “concussion-like symptoms” after a hit in KC, Roethlisberger practiced all week for today’s game against the Baltimore Ravens — but yesterday, the Steelers moved him down to #3 behind Dennis Dixon and newly-signed Tyler “Who?” Palko.   However, the Ravens have lost four of their last six games and couldn’t score a TD against Indianapolis last week, either.  I’m going to stay a true believer and predict the Steelers D wins the game for Pittsburgh and puts them back in the playoff picture, 16-12.

Last week, I did a little better at 4-3.  Who would have thought both the Steelers and the Bengals would lose to the bottom half of the AFC West?  Who would have thought that the best game of the week was between two 1-8 teams?  Crazy.  Let’s see if it stays crazy this week:

  • Chicago at Minnesota – Da Bears have been as inconsistent as the Vikes have been relentless.  Expect the Vikings defense to have a big, big day against Jay Cutler, especially after they take away the run.  Brett Favre gets three more TDs in a walk, 34-13.
  • Indianapolis at Houston – A couple of weeks ago, I would have picked Houston, but the Colts keep finding a way to win.  Can they stay unbeaten?  I think they can.  I’ll say 24-21 Indy.
  • New England at New Orleans – I know that people hate to pick against the Patriots and think that the Saints are just waiting for a comedown game, but the Saints are playing at home, and the Patriots aren’t as dominating as in the past.  I’m picking the Saints in a shootout, 38-28.
  • Arizona at Tennessee – The Titans are a different team than they were in the first six games, and Chris Johnson is having a great season.  Arizona has been up and down this season, but the Titans are all up at the moment.  This should be a good game to watch.  I’ll pick the same score for the Titans as last week, 20-17 Tennessee.
  • Jacksonville at San Francisco – Two inconsistent teams that have shown flashes of brilliance this season, but the Jaguars won’t have Maurice Jones-Drew.  Mike Singletary will glare his team to victory, 23-17.