No show for today, as we’re all taking it easy on the holiday weekend.  I’m actually trying to get over a tryptophan hangover, but I’ll probably find a reason to get out of the house today for a while.  Since I wrote the book review for Amy Alkon’s book I See Rude People, and since the show from eight days ago may have been one of my best ever, I thought that those who may have missed it will want another look.  Kerry Picket of the Washington Times had an excellent story about Chuck Schumer’s flip-flop on military tribunals, and Andy McCarthy of National Review — perhaps the nation’s leading expert on trying terrorists — offered his thoughts on the same question.  And of course, Amy’s segment was terrific, and those interested in her book will be even more interested after watching it.

I’ll have the chatroom enabled for today, so that all TEMS chatizens not at the mall can commiserate with each other and discuss the day’s events! Jazz Shaw of The Moderate Voice and The Monster moderate the chat, for those who are registered with Ustream!

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