Via JWF, another cameo from the guy who warned us this morning that the “defendants” will plead not guilty so that they’ll have a full opportunity to screech about America in court. Let’s hope they stick to the playbook and confine their rantings to enhanced interrogation under Bush rather than foreign policy generally (and Afghanistan in particular); to do otherwise would show ingratitude to the nice man in the White House who’s given them such a plum forum.

The most interesting part of this is Fenstermaker’s refusal to call 9/11 a case of murder. He could have conceded that it was while arguing that the defendants weren’t responsible for it; the fact that he doesn’t suggests at least the possibility that the defense will argue insanity or … some form of justifiable homicide. Doubtless The One would love to see them try, as it would make conviction a foregone conclusion — irrespective of how horrific relatives of 9/11 victims might find it. In his rush to procure a “political victory” by having them found guilty in a civilian court, I wonder if he understands the fantastic anger he’s going to unleash by letting these degenerates argue that the victims had it coming. I have only a tangential connection to the attack — my cousin’s husband, whom I used to see once every five years or so, disappeared in the rubble — and I’m already seething at the thought of reading long transcripts about how he deserved it. Free electoral advice to The One: Make sure the trial doesn’t start until you’re a lame duck.

Update: 9/11 families spring into action.