He does less talking here than his guests, actually, but the clip’s obligatory after the food fight in last night’s 9/12 Project thread. Two noteworthy statements by GB. One: He reminds Randian atheist Yaron Brook that the country was founded on the idea of religious (and irreligious) coexistence, which is certainly true and which would have made a fine “core principle” for that libertarian Project of his in lieu of the one declaring God “the center of my life.” Two: A few minutes earlier, he tells the Christian minister that “we must restore God in his rightful place because these rights belong to him.” What he means by “rightful place” is unclear — prayer in public schools or something more? — but the canard about divine rights is an ancient atheist pet peeve. Good luck getting God to protect your rights when they’re being trampled on, and better luck in trying to form a consensus between left and right on precisely which rights “belong to him” and what that means in practice. Do I have a right to be cared for when I’m sick? I say no, but I don’t think it’s nutty that a socialist might read Biblical passages about doing unto others and being my brother’s keeper and conclude otherwise. Watch Brook for more on that, although it’s nothing you haven’t heard before.

As for the minister, it sounds like he’s suggesting ObamaCare is actually a Darwinist (or rather, social Darwinist) plot by godless elites to thin the herd of baby boomers, but I might be misunderstanding him.