Magnifique, even by the lofty standards of MSNBC. You’re going to get that 10 p.m. show yet, Dave. From his Twitter feed this afternoon, extending an achingly scrupulous benefit of the doubt to the nut who did, indeed, have abortion on the brain when he pulled the trigger:

To be clear, the murder of anybody is horrific. But, it’s too early to ascribe a political motivation to the suspect.

And then, an hour or so later, it’s speculation time:

SHUSTER: I’ve heard from so many people the fact that Joe Wilson is from South Carolina – he was part of the Sons of the Confederacy or supported the group, he voted against removing the Confederate flag – that even though we don’t know what was, I suppose, in the heart of Joe Wilson, but it strikes a lot of people as awfully close to the idea that maybe there was some sort of racist or bigoted element there. And especially then when you look up at the picture and you see older white men, all Republicans, sitting there. Just it gives off a strange vibe.

Blowing away an old man known for carrying pro-life signs didn’t give off any vibes? Or at least, none as intense as a guy yelling “you lie”?

Oh, by the way, the “Wilson’s a speed freak” smear has been replaced by the “Wilson’s a racist” smear on the left now, with a group of black newspaper publishers entering the fray to formally bless ye olde playing of the race card. Chuck Todd actually kicked it off this morning with this Shuster-esque exercise in “just asking questions” race-baiting, which makes this the second day in a row that he’s used his blog — transparently — to push lefty talking points about Wilson to the rest of the media. Maybe Shuster and Todd at 10 p.m. instead? Click the image to watch.