I owe you a post to mark Meggie Mac’s two days of guest-hosting, if only to give you a chance to hammer me in the comments for my prior boosterism of her. She’s not quite the worst offender here; that would be Joy, for her sub-idiotic whining about the GOP’s “body language” at the very end. But do savor the irony of La McCain chiding us about the virtues of civility (“We cannot have this kind of dialogue in this country”) after (a) participating in an ad campaign that reduces opponents of gay marriage to “H8ers” and (b) holding up her dad, whose temper is so legendary that it actually became a campaign issue in a presidential election, as a model of mellow bipartisanship. Quote of the day, or maybe of the whole year: “People ask me how I became this type of Republican. It comes from the top.”

Newsbusters has much more, including some of The View’s own great moments in civility over the years (sample: Whoopi asking Meggie’s father if slavery was back on the table should he win the election). Exit question: Sherri Shepherd was up until 1 a.m. dialing Joe Wilson’s office to complain? The speech ended at nine.