Pity the poor viewer whose television doesn’t pick up CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FNC, or MSNBC and is forced to choose between spending the evening huddled over a radio or watching “So You Think You Can Dance.” Anyone doubt that Fox is going to win the time slot easily, incidentally, and reap a nice advertising windfall in the process? Money may grow on trees in ObamaWorld but the Murdoch empire still has a bottom line to worry about. Although Gibbs is right that it’s a sad commentary on our times how some Americans would prefer to watch a reality show than hear the 57th dishonest iteration of “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” That’s the whole subtext of the speech, after all — that people were too stupid to understand Obama the first thousand times he talked about this and only if he beats it into their skulls once again will they finally see the true wisdom of his vision. It’s sheer contempt for the intelligence of voters, but what do you expect? The guy’s all out of moves. He might as well try to charisma his way to a bill.

I’ll be watching “Ghost Hunters” tonight because, see, I’m easily “distracted.” Tongue-in-cheek exit question via MayBeeTweet: Isn’t Gibbsy’s thinking here a sneak preview of the public option? In theory he’s all about people having an array of choices, but in practice he’s mighty intent on a monopoly for The One.

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