Sage words, my friends. Left unmentioned: If you ignore his advice and crank up the crazy, you can always get a job as a czar in the Obama White House. They won’t even Google you.

Or will they?

According to several White House sources, Jones was hired for his “green jobs czar” positions over concerns raised by the White House Counsel’s Office, after Jones’s background materials came back with several of what were termed “inconsistencies” in the Standard Form 86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions.

The counsel’s office places part of the blame on the Office for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, which is overseen by Obama Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President Valerie Jarrett. Jones’s “czar” job was created by the OIAPE, and Jarrett interviewed Jones for the position. In speeches before far-left groups over the past five months, Jarrett touted Jones’s hiring, in part, because the groups, many of which count 9/11 truthers and radical environmentalists and anti-capitalists as members, were familiar with Jones’s brand of anti-Americanism and economic radicalism…

Jarrett did view Jones as a critical member of the administration for her outreach efforts, in part, because he was so well known and respected in the radical-left world the administration is counting on to help with issues like health care and cap and tax, and, more importantly, campaign efforts in 2010.

The key word there is, of course, “because.” Jones wasn’t hired in spite of his background; he was hired because of it, because he could be counted on to rally the sort of soft-headed fringe-left morons who get off on the idea of a White House advisor with a fringe-left past. Team Barry might not have known specifically about the Truther stuff, but if so, that’s only because they went out of their way not to find out.

Skip ahead to 1:40 for the key exchange. One other point left unmentioned by The One: If you do screw up badly and embrace a cause that’s utterly obnoxious, you can count on the left to try to mainstream it to save your ass. Exit fun fact: At this same Q&A, Obama evidently told students that he regrets not having studied more math as a kid. I think we all regret it, champ.