Earlier this morning, I spent some time perusing old posts in the Captain’s Quarters archive and noticed a strange graphic at the top of my page.  It took me by surprise, since the CapQ site has been closed (or perhaps more accurately, moribund) since I began blogging at Hot Air.  After a moment, I realized that my friend Chris Muir had dropped a delicious and provocative Day by Day entry onto blog sites featuring his daily cartoon:

Senate bill 773 is the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, a very flawed piece of legislation that offers new powers to the executive to regulate private networks on the Internet, without specifically spelling out limits to the powers.   Allahpundit has a good analysis of this from last night, so be sure to read it if you haven’t already.   And if you actually read the bill itself, you’ll be ahead of almost everyone on Capitol Hill.

What amused me most about this is that Chris’ graphic practically self-selects for the kinds of blogs that would feel the pinch of an executive nanny, including my old CapQ.  Chris is pretty clever, which is a good reason (among many) to visit his site every day.

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