No Obamateurism for today — Obama’s on vacation, which means a dearth of material — so instead I’ll lead off today with the joke about a comedian’s mother-in-law who doesn’t like being called a racist. Stop me if you’ve heard this one, okay? It’s a real laugh riot, especially the part where the process servers show up with the lawsuit:

“It’s a joke!” Yes, well, not everyone would laugh about being the subject of that joke, especially when it’s their daughter-in-law casting them as a racist. I’m not sure why Campbell Brown finds this so hard to understand. Brown mentions that Croonquist actually identifies the mother-in-law by name on stage, as well as other family members, none of whom volunteered to be ridiculed so that Croonquist could make a few bucks in show biz. “It’s not my fault,” Croonquist says, that everyone knows who they are, but of course it is. Croonquist didn’t just include them in her act by accident.

Defamation and slander is still defamation and slander when done by a comedian on stage, especially when the alleged victim is a private person and not someone seeking public attention, like a politician or entertainer. The most annoying part of this interview comes at the very end, when Croonquist claims she’s the victim. Be sure to get out the airsickness bags.

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