Audio here. So much for conservatives’ insistence on not injecting Teddy’s death into the health-care debate, I guess. Although Stephanopoulos is right: This is less about The One and ObamaCare than it is about Huck’s growing rivalry with a certain darling of the base who was way ahead of him on this subject.

Which Democrat will toss it back first?

Will any Republicans jump on it by challenging Huckabee head-on?

One thing’s for sure: by joining the debate in this time in this way, Huckabee is showing how determined he is not to be outmaneuvered by Sarah Palin in the early 2012 bidding for the GOP’s conservative base

How will Mitt Romney respond?

Minor inconvenient point overlooked in the rush to condemn Huck for politicizing Kennedy’s demise: If and when rationing begins, isn’t someone in Teddy’s situation precisely the sort of person who’ll end up at the back of the line for treatment? He was elderly and suffering from a terminal condition; if resources are scarce, he’s the worst possible investment.

Related: If you missed this Ron Rosenbaum piece in Headlines laughing at liberals for underestimating Palin’s shrewdness about “death panels,” dive in. It’s candy for the many, many ‘Cuda lovers among the Hot Air faithful.