If this were anyone else I’d attribute the anger to righteous indignation in the teeth of feeble Obama spin, but given our suspicions about Shep’s political leanings, it’s hard not to detect a little personal pique at the thought of the public option going bye-bye. The highlight: When he accuses Obama of caving on the P.O. to placate Republicans who are afraid of “death panels,” which is an interesting theory given that (a) the two issues have nothing to do with each other (as Burton reminds him) and (b) as the entire country knows only too well at this point, it’s not Republicans who are stalling the bill, it’s Blue Dog Democrats. Cheer up, big guy: Not only have 60 liberals in the House told Sebelius they’re ready to kill any bill without a public option, but the black and Hispanic caucuses are coming around too — which could mean 120 Democratic votes in the balance.

Below Shep’s clip you’ll find something similar from another guy who’s none too pleased to see the dream of socialized medicine disappear.

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