When did Geraldo Rivera start getting his talking points from Barbara Boxer? Aren’t there sources for memes that are slightly more, er,intelligent than California’s junior Senator?  Geraldo tells Ann Coulter and Kirsten Powers that he thinks that the protesters showing up in every Congressional district in the country are part of the “same Brooks Brothers crowd” that protested in Florida during the 2000 recount (via Gateway Pundit):

Yeah, those votes never did get recounted.  We never saw election officials holding ballots up to the light to see whether chads were hanging or not.  All of that violence that stopped the recounts came from the Supreme Court, those bare-knuckled brawlers in Brooks Brothers robes who declared on a 7-2 vote that the state Supreme Court had mucked up the entire process.  And then the media never did do an extensive recount afterwards and show that Bush would actually have gained votes in a legal recount process.

Even beyond that historical illiteracy, this is flat-out ignorance of contemporary reality.  Where are all of these supposed Brooks Brothers suits?  We’ve played at least a couple of dozen clips from town-hall forums, and the only people wearing suits are the politicians and their staffers.  It’s a lie, and it’s not even a good lie.  When Geraldo has to lift his paranoid accusations from Barbara Boxer, maybe it’s time for him to consider retirement.