Grade A red meat, straight off the bone. All protesters want to believe this is true of their pet cause, of course. The left surely believed it after the anti-war movement got going and yet here we are, six years later, still with 130,000 troops in Iraq … and, er, with an anti-war Democratic president and Congress at the helm. Will the right’s “sleeping giant” fully awaken before 2012 or are we doomed to a few more years of hitting the snooze button before the backlash hits full force? Famously eeyorish blogger predicts: Zzzzzz.

Give The One credit for doing his part to nudge us, though. According to Gallup, only 35 percent would advise their congressman to vote for ObamaCare versus 36 percent who’d advise voting against. In one month, that’s a drop of … 21 points.

Update: “It scares the life out of me.”