That’s what you get for being un-American, pal. Someone in the comments to our Headlines item on Pelosi’s and Hoyer’s op-ed this morning suggested it was part of a wink-wink-nudge-nudge scheme by Democrats to legitimize violence against protesters. I won’t go that far — questioning her opponents’ patriotism is actually par for the course for Madam Speaker — but it truly is amazing to think how many “climate of hate” pieces have been written about the right’s rhetorical excesses vis-a-vis the near total pass the left’s gotten over the past week. We’ve had congressmen screeching about “political terrorists,” “brown shirts,” and “rabid animals,” Senators denouncing “un-American” activities, the DNC running ads about “angry mobs,” the president himself telling his opponents to shut up and get out of the way, and the Democratic brain trust now setting up a “war room” to respond to health-care “attacks.” Glenn Beck’s said repeatedly on his show that he supports nonviolent resistance only, but a fat lot of good that’s done him with liberals more interested in the “subtext” of his messaging; pray tell, what “subtext” should we glean from the dehumanizing venom being spit by the Democratic leadership over the past 10 days?

Be happy, I guess, that they’ve finally found a war they can support unequivocally, where for once there’s no need to ponder the “root causes” that alienated the other side.