It didn’t take Reason.TV to find an enemy of the state, as defined by the Obama administration. In fact, they found someone, in Linda Douglass’ words, “with a computer and a lot of time on [his] hands” right in their own offices. Peter Suderman has been writing about the health-care issue and uses CBO estimates and Barack Obama’s previous statements on single-payer systems … and therefore, Suderman must be stopped:

It’s not just that you have a principled intellectual disagreement about incompetent bureaucrats controlling 15% of the economy through state-run health care, but that you write regularly about the fact that more than 88 million people could potentially lose their private, employer-based coverage. It’s that you’re using reliable sources, data from the CBO, and cold, hard facts to scare people when making your arguments.

Yeah, statists really hate that, don’t they? And that hat looks suspiciously … nice, too.

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