Verrry shrewd positioning here by LC, ingratiating herself with the rightroots ahead of a possible congressional run. She was always going to do well with online donations given her grassroots popularity, but the more she courts bloggers the greater the odds that she’ll be the first Republican in a House race to make big bank on Internet contributions. Not that the daughter of Dick Cheney really needs small-money donors, but every bit helps. Watch the first half of the first clip for her pep talk to bloggers and the whole second clip for her attack on The One’s funny little habit of making kissyface with cretins just to prove how un-Bush he is. Sorry that it cuts out at the end of the last clip. Just passing along what I have.

Exit question: Is it time for a Hot Air conference? All we need is (a) a reason to hold it, (b) a few high-profile conservatives whom we haven’t alienated (yet) to speak, and (c) many thousands of dollars in spare cash.