Alternate headline: Greatest day of blogger’s life. Dude:

I swear I didn’t know about it when I wrote this post; evidently the booking only happened this week, after the initial round of Fox appearances. It’s hard to explain to newbie Hot Air readers why this is such a big deal, but to help put it in perspective, there was a time a few years ago when we were doing “View” posts about as frequently as we’re doing Palin posts now. Search the archives or ask an HA old-timer and they’ll tell you. ‘Twas a golden age when Rosie ruled the roost and American moms tuned in each morning for the latest on how burning jet fuel simply couldn’t have melted the steel in the World Trade Center. If there’s a god in heaven — and I’ll accept the following as conclusive proof that there is — they’ll bring big Ro back for one day of guest-hosting duties.

To whet your appetite for what’s to come, be sure to read this classic from the boss’s vault. Exit fun fact: I gave her a “View” coffee mug for Christmas once. Really!

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