Yesterday, Barack Obama tried to defend his stimulus package in order to regain some modicum of credibility on his massive reorganization of the health-insurance industry, but his attempt at a joke hit a little too close to home. After being presented with cupcakes made in his honor, Obama put his stimulus in real-world terms:

12:20 p.m. – Obama says, “we helped stop a recession from becoming a depression,” and explains how the jobs programs in the stimulus are helping. Says tax cuts are helping people buy “cupcakes and other necessities of life.”

Well, the problem is that describes about all of what Porkulus allows them to buy.  As Heritage pointed out at the time Congress passed the Obama-Pelosi stimulus, the tax cuts included in the package allows the average worker to keep $10 more in cash every week.  And guess what?  That expires in two years, which means that workers won’t be able to afford those cupcakes on a permanent basis.

But live it up, my fellow Americans.  You can buy about a half-dozen cupcakes at Perkins for that ten bucks each week until 2011.  After that, you’ll have to answer to ObamaCare for your obesity and poor diet habits.  (h/t: Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt Show)

Addendum: Normally I’d put a link to Chris Muir’s Day by Day site here, but today I want to do more than that. Chris has a fundraising drive to keep his excellent cartoon alive.  Be sure to drop a few dollars in his collection to keep one of the Rightosphere’s most talented warriors in the fight!

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