King Banaian sends this eye-opening presentation on the speed in which we have added to the national debt over the course of the last century.  It comes from the blog Political Math, which made a big splash when it demonstrated what the Porkulus bill looked like in pennies.  This time, PM casts the rapid increase in deficit spending in terms of speed and distance for a road trip.  How fast would Barack Obama be going compared to those who drove the car before him?

This has more than one lesson within it,  First, we can point out yet again that the deficit hawks on the Left had much more concern over the driver than the speed and distance.  Another clear lesson?  We spend less when one party holds the White House and the other controls Congress, especially the House — although not always, as the Reagan years show.

Mostly, though, the lesson here is that when a callow, self-involved, charismatic fellow invites you for a road trip, don’t let them drive your car. You’ll wind up regretting it (NSFW):

Update: Must be getting around today — The Anchoress had it posted before I did.  And no, I’m not driving to California, but I wish I was …