Well, that’s what he says, and it’s important to note that Rahm Emanuel is acting as a repeater station for Nancy Pelosi, who has insisted that she has the votes to pass ObamaCare right now — even though more than 50 House Democrats have publicly balked at the proposal in the lower chamber.  Click on the image to listen (via Drudge):

The bills haven’t even yet come out of the various committees, so at the moment there’s nothing on which to vote.  Besides, the incentive to move before the recess was all but lost when Harry Reid threw in the towel yesterday, and especially when Reid said that the process needed more deliberation than speed.  Pelosi’s troops — even those inclined to support the bill — are worried that they will have to put themselves out on a limb with new taxes and benefits cuts, just to have the Senate version cut the limb out from under them.

But could they do it?  It’s certainly possible, which is why it’s necessary to keep the heat on your elected representatives.