Think of the Moon-landing hoax conspiracy theorists as the original Truthers, 32 years before 9/11. No matter how much scientific evidence one supplies, no matter how many times the debunkers debunk, they will insist that the entire space program took place on a sound stage in Hollywood. CNN interviews the hosts of Mythbusters, who have supplied their own efforts in what will almost certainly be a futile effort to put an end to the Mooners:

Mythbusters has a sneak peek of their Mooner episode on their website. It airs tonight at 9 pm ET. I look forward to seeing it, although one of the best debunkings of the panoply of Mooner lunacy (pun intended) came eight years ago at Bad Astronomy. Fox had aired a prime-time special in February 2001 allowing the nutcases to spin their theories, including the particularly loathesome allegation that NASA killed Gus Grissom, Roger Chafee, and Ed White in the Apollo I fire because Grissom was going to spill the beans on the conspiracy. Phil Plait rips Fox for airing the episode and points out all of the scientific and logical flaws in the arguments presented.

As the two Mythbusters point out, believing in this theory would require that everyone in the program lied about it, continues to lie about it, and that the pictures taken of the lunar surface to this day are faked by an entire new generation of scientists and engineers. It besmirches the honor of thousands of people who worked to get these men to the Moon, as well as those who died in that journey like Grissom, Chafee, and White.

Buzz Aldrin got confronted by a Mooner not long ago, and while we at Hot Air do not condone violence in debates, suffice it to say that Aldrin will never go hungry or thirsty in the Twin Cities as long as I’m here:

Update (AP): As if to prove Ed’s point about the relationship between lunar conspiracy theorists and Truthers, here’s how the idiot who replaced Rosie O’Donnell on “The View” celebrated Apollo 11’s anniversary.