I wanted to give you a post on Honduras but so profound is my ignorance of that country that I honestly couldn’t find it on a map. Even the usual blogger pose of pretending to know something about which you really know nothing seems inappropriate under those circumstances. All that seems relevant for now is that the president who’s been deposed is a Chavez crony and that Hugo himself is threatening to bring down the new government, replete with military action if necessary. Looks like my prediction of headaches for The One from his new pal might come true sooner than expected.

As for the clip, it’s a fitting tribute for two reasons. One: Their rendition of “Thriller” was almost as big a phenomenon as Michael’s. And two: This may be the only salute to Jacko you’ll see this week featuring actual child molesters. Not sure why they chose ballads, though. Granted, the mood is appropriate to the occasion, but if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting on a show, why not pick something uptempo that lets you show your moves? Besides, most of this is Jackson Five material. How can you have an appropriately maudlin introspective retrospective without “Man in the Mirror”?

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