Joe Biden couldn’t answer that question, saying that the answer was “above his pay grade,” even though he’s got the second-highest pay grade in the executive branch.  Barack Obama, who has the only higher pay grade, won’t explain his “saved or created” statistics, either.  We all know the actual answer: Obama’s team calculated that spending X amount would “create or save” X jobs, and they’re sticking with the formula even while unemployment skyrockets and reveals their utterly useless pronouncements.

Under those circumstances, Chris Muir hits it pretty close to the mark:

I’m surprised that Obama hasn’t yet figured out that he could just as easily claim that he’s “created or saved” 130 million jobs.  After all, if we hadn’t elected Obama, every single one of us could have lost our jobs.  Can we prove that we wouldn’t have gotten fired?  If he wants to pull stats out of his nether regions, why not just go for the whole enchilada?