Yeah, yeah, I know: “Doesn’t The One have better things to do than Comedy Central cameos?” Relax. It was a morale booster for the troops (and a shrewd PR stunt, natch) and Colby deserved some extra buzz for being willing to entertain over there. As far as I know, his is the first American TV show to broadcast from a war zone, an especially cool thing to do given his feelings about the war. And quite honestly, considering the political leanings of the crowd that watches him, this may be some of the best press for the mission that they’ve seen in ages. Even his joke about why we don’t hear about Iraq on the news anymore now that things have quieted down is decidedly conservative-leaning.

As for the head-shaving, Reuters’s photo caption says it was “pretend” but, er, it doesn’t look pretend to me. Although it is true that Odierno started the job but didn’t finish it — a neat inversion of his current role as head of MNF-I.

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