Every politician has moments when their allies do more damage to their efforts than their opponents.  Barack Obama may feel that way about Jack Layton, leader of the far-left New Democratic Party in Canada.  In an e-mail sent to followers yesterday, the NDP claims that Layton will go to Washington to help Obama achieve his real goal in health-care reform — a government-run single-system just like the one from which Canadians flee:

Dear Friend,

Today, Jack Layton flies to Washington D.C. to help President Obama in his fight for universal health care. And to fight to protect our cherished Medicare back here in Canada.

It’s an important few days, and I want you to share every step.

I’m inviting you to follow along on twitter as Jack delivers his speech on our fight for Medicare at the Woodrow Wilson Center. And as we meet with key Obama Democrats – like White House Director of Communications Anita Dunn.

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And I’m also down in Washington to meet with key senior Democrats about how they waged a winning campaign for change that put everyday people first, ahead of the big corporate interests – just like we want to do in Canada.

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While the other parties are staring each other down, playing political games, this is what your New Democrats are up to. Fighting day in and day out to get real results for real people. Thanks for being a part of it.

Brad Lavigne
National Director

Layton and the NDP both suffer from delusions of grandeur that are only possible in Canada’s multiparty system.  The NDP gets to play kingmaker whenever the Conservatives or Liberals fail to win legislative majorities.  They fit better with the Liberals for obvious reasons, but they are far too extreme to win majorities or even enough seats to front the opposition.  To put it in a pithy sense, they’re even too socialist for Canada.

On health care, this becomes very obvious.  While Canadians stream into the US to get the private coverage that they could not until just recently get in their own country, Layton and the NDP want to eliminate the private option once and for all.  Layton would love to see the US nationalize its health-care system, if for no other reason than to stop the medical tourism industry across the border.

So what does that say about Obama’s inclusion of Layton and the NDP in the health-care debate in the US?  Nothing good, which is why Obama’s first words to Layton should be, “Stop helping me!”