This video comes from the Senate Republican Conference, and has more value for what it says about the politics of Gitmo than what’s included in the video itself. The SRC made it into a “coming attractions” preview, but what’s coming isn’t attractive at all:

None of this is new information, of course, not even for those who support Barack Obama’s decision to close Gitmo’s detention center and do … er … something with its prisoners.  In fact, what it demonstrates that the Obama administration made a big mistake in committing to a Gitmo closure without having any idea where it would put the terrorists.  Obama assumed that all of the international critics demanding Gitmo’s closure would happily invite hardened terrorists to live with them, but so far Europe has agreed to take a grand total of one detainee.  Yemen wants their 97 back, but only so they can get set free to rejoin terrorist networks worldwide. Europe told Obama on his grand tour that if these terrorists were so safe, the US could admit them into our own country — which is probably what will have to happen with most of them.

Again, most of this is already known.  The interesting point of this video is that the SRC sees this turning into a point of vulnerability for Obama.  They’re attacking on Gitmo, after Republicans have been on the defensive over it for the last several years.  The clear sense that the Obama administration has no plan helps make this a liability for the White House, and the SRC seems intent on ensuring that everyone sees it.