A no-name backbencher from Labour’s left wing? Not quite: He’s a Tory libertarian who’s in line for a cabinet position if the conservatives take the next parliamentary election. He’s also openly gay, which is one thing he has in common with Perez Hilton; the other is his sneering reference to Miss Cali as a “bitch.”

Like Breitbart, I’m sympathetic to the cause of gay rights, and like Breitbart, my patience has worn thin:

I have a ton of wonderful gay friends – even ones “married” and with children. If gay activists created “A Day Without a Gay” (as they promoted Dec. 10 of last year), I’d be the first to cry “uncle” – even before Cher. So, accordingly, I make philosophical and political accommodations. I’m – as the MTV generation says – “gay-friendly.”

But lately, color me “gay perturbed.” “Gay-friendly,” a term once manifestly redundant, now seems a glaring contradiction…

I fear the vicious and hypocritical path that the activist gay left is headed on will eventually be met with a backlash. If it already hasn’t. Activism goes both ways and somehow the majority has a way of having its say. Unless the gay community polices itself better and registers its displeasure against these pitiful and selective acts of political retribution, many tolerant Americans who hold the same beliefs on marriage as Mr. Obama and the Dalai Lama are going to begin to register their displeasure at the voting booth and through consumer boycotts against those who employ or support the thuggish tactics of Perez Hilton and his ilk.

“A Day Without a Gay” may become a prolonged and mostly unspoken reality. Trust me, I don’t want to throw out all my John Waters DVDs. But if push comes to shove, and if the bullying continues, I’m more than willing to stay at a Ramada.

Note especially the casualness with which Duncan makes his “jokes,” smug in the knowledge that if she had said this about him or Hilton, it’d be a national scandal. I hope The One never has to welcome this turd to the White House as prime minister.

For the record, as a follow-up to Ed’s item earlier today, California pageant officials deny that they told her to apologize or not to mention her faith. I’m skeptical, but stay tuned.