Today’s entry comes from Greyhawk, who caught something I might not have noticed. Earlier this week, when Barack Obama visited the troops in Iraq, he started by rattling off the names of the commands in the theater. Unfortunately, even with only four, Obama still needed a Teleprompter — or at least its low-tech equivalent:

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you, guys. Let me say, [reads card] Multinational Force Iraq, Multinational Corps Iraq, Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq First Corps, America’s Corp Band: Thanks to all of you.

Greyhawk wrote: “Seriously, those shouldn’t be that unfamiliar to their commander.” In Obama’s defense, I think he was hoping that they wouldn’t be there at all when he took office. But yeah, one might have expected Obama to have at least worked on memorizing the different units under his command in a war zone, especially since there were only four.

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