I knew there was something I liked about him.

Dude, the t-shirts are coming.

The delay reflects how the economic crisis has crowded out some personal considerations since Obama’s inauguration in January, but it also underscores the complexities of this personal decision by a public man.

Past presidents have grappled with how and where to worship, but Obama’s pick is especially guaranteed to provoke interest and scrutiny…

As America’s first black president, Obama faces another unique conundrum: whether to join a historically black church.

Then there are standard logistical concerns: What churches could accommodate frequent presidential visits without seriously disrupting the existing congregation’s ability to attend services? Which can the Secret Service best secure? Which routes work well for a motorcade?

What church could possibly be good enough for a man at the center of his own religion? Exit question to D.C. residents: Any congregational recommendations for The One? We’ll want to make sure he feels at home, so pastors who think the government invented AIDS and are known to run Hamas propaganda in the church bulletin are a plus.