Momentarily bereft of content, I turn to the cheapest traffic ploy imaginable. I’m hearing a lot of “Steele must go” lately but I think it’s nutty. First, the man hasn’t had a shot at so much as a single congressional race yet. Admittedly, the first one on his plate isn’t looking good, but if it turns out he’s got a knack for getting people elected, he can mumble as much as he wants about “individual choice” and none of us will care. Second, the optics of the GOP tossing its first black chairman out on his ear in a matter of weeks would be horrible, especially if the guy who replaces him is known to frequent racially restrictive country clubs. Third, he hasn’t even finished naming his staff yet. How about giving them a month or two to perform (and to pull him aside and let him know that fewer interviews would be better at this point) before wiping the slate clean?

On the other hand, Liz Mair is right. He’s inching dangerously close to buffoonishness. Vote it out!

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