HA reader Paul B sent over this interesting political cartoon from Gerald Scarfe at the Times of London.  In looking at it, I realized that this could have a number of widely-varying interpretations:

The way I initially interpreted it — with my American context — was that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, had more or less rolled out a policy of allowing these three nations to walk all over us.  In fact, the first thing that came to mind was the Bill Ayers Boogie, using the American flag as a doormat and allowing these countries to dance all over it.  Her botched attempt at snarking the previous administration in her meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov makes that interpretation seem valid.

On the other hand, thinking what the ToL perspective might be, I concluded that they may have missed the “doormat” aspect of disrespecting the flag altogether.  Thinking in those terms, it would appear that Scarfe is criticizing Hillary and the Obama administration for offering the same diplomatic options to the three nations as Bush did, with just some sunnier spin.

I think Interpretation #1 is closer to the truth, but Interpretation #2 was closer to the intent.  What do you think?