As we see the Obama administration continue to provide a fumbling, incompetent response to foreign policy as well as the economy, we can count on one growth industry: satire.  How best to define the embarrassment of on-the-job training for a junior executive stuck at the top of the food chain, by a public who worshiped him as a secular messiah during the campaign?  An Instapundit reader offers a takeoff on the new movie Watchmen:

The movie’s tag line works in this case: Who’s watching the Watchmen?  Certainly not the national media, as Mickey Kaus discovered.  The boss likes it, except for the disturbing image of Hillary.  They did a good job of nailing President Obama, too, in a pose reminiscent of his “glistening pecs” pic during the campaign.

Still, I prefer The Gong Show.  We need a good graphic for that, because I’m hoping that we get to bang a gong in 2010 and start sending these zeroes offstage.

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