Tonight I get two shots at radio stardom.  At 7 pm ET, I’ll appear for the first time on Frank Pastore’s KKLA show.  We’ll probably talk deadbeatonomics and predict the floor for the Dow Jones.  We’ve already rolled back both the Bush and Clinton booms.  Can Obama do the hat trick and destroy the Reagan boom as well?

Afterwards, I’ll appear on the Hugh Hewitt show at 7:20 pm ET, which will be guest-hosted by our great friend Jim Geraghty of National Review’s Campaign Spot.  Either we’re going to talk about Dick Durbin and his weirdly honest statement that Bobby Rush intimidated him and Harry Reid into backing down from opposing Roland Burris because of race, or we’re going to talk about the Obama administration’s Durban II withdrawal.  All I heard was, “Wanna talk about Durban?” because I was between phone calls when we set it up.

Which will it be?  Stay tuned ….