While I’m waiting for the various technical difficulties to get ironed out, why not check in on the special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand in NY-20?  Jazz Shaw had two great updates yesterday on the race in his backyard.  First, Jim Tedisco has decided that hypotheticals on policy are apparently not germane:

He still refuses to take a stand on whether or not he would have voted for the recent stimulus package, which is bad enough, but now he’s given an entirely new reason for demurring on the question.

Mr. Tedisco said that if he answered the question, he would only encourage Mr. Murphy to pester him about other positions: “It won’t just be this, it’ll be, ‘How would you vote on the war in Iraq?’ Those are hypothetical. Not walking into a voting booth that’s in front of you is not hypothetical. He really could have voted, and he didn’t.

Well, given that Porkulus is an ongoing project that may last ten years or more, Tedisco’s position on this is more than just a hypothetical.  Republicans want to elect someone who will call Porkulus what it is, and more importantly, will work to eliminate the most wasteful aspects of it.  I’d say that the war in Iraq isn’t necessarily a complete irrelevancy either, but Porkulus just got passed a few days ago, while the Iraq vote was more than six years ago.

How hard would it be to say he’d oppose it, anyway?  The lack of an answer seems a little disconcerting for fiscal conservatives looking for an improvement in NY-20.

While Tedisco opted for the unusual tactic of not answering policy questions, though, his opponent Scott Murphy opted to conduct the same kind of campaign.  After the discovery of his strident anti-military editorial from Murphy’s days at Harvard, Murphy seems disinclined to answer any questions about the military now — or even acknowledge the question at all:

As Jazz notes, the editorial would probably get Murphy elected by acclamation in the Big Apple, but not upstate in NY-20. People respect the military and support it through generous enlistments. His elitist dismissal of the military as a racist organization staffed with the exploited poor won’t win him many allies in this district, nor many votes.

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