Has anyone put a question about this fiasco to The One yet? A polite “I can see why people were offended but I consider the matter closed” would cut the legs out from under Sharpton and endear Obama to the majority of the public who are exhausted from his years of demagoguery. Assuming, that is, that there is a majority.

Come on, champ. Don’t be cowardly.

“[Murdoch] says in his statement this will never happen again. Well, he does not say how he intends to see that it never happens again,” Sharpton said in front of supporters holding signs reading, “Yes we can shut you down NY Post!” and “How do you spell racism? New York Post.”

“Is he asking the community to trust those that did it, to trust their judgment in the future?”

Sharpton called on Murdoch to come up with a plan for increasing diversity in his newsrooms. He said he’s meeting with Federal Communications Commission members Wednesday to discuss the waiver that lets the Australian tycoon own several media outlets in the city.

He’s got a point there. Per Monday’s post, there’s no way Murdoch can guarantee it’ll never happen again even if he could theoretically guarantee that his newsroom will be free of racism. Whether bigotry is present depends entirely now on the victim’s perception, not the author’s intent, so if Al Sharpton says you’re a racist, you’re a racist. Doesn’t matter what you meant. No wonder The One doesn’t want to challenge him. Exit question: Will the good reverend still be getting his regular invites to appear on the Factor after this? Probably, right?