Does anyone really care? Listen to the cheers in the first clip; reminds me of the crowd going nuts over Tammy’s speech in “Election.” When an institution, be it student government or homecoming pageantry, is subverted this cheekily, it’s hard not to root along. Even the College Republicans don’t object:

Allen’s selection does not appear to have caused much consternation among the school’s 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. An online article in the student newspaper prompted only two comments, both positive.

Alyssa Cordova, an officer with the school’s College Republicans, said she didn’t pay much attention to Allen’s election and is suprised by the media attention it has received.

“I just think it’s kind of silly,” she said.

The second clip’s an interview with “Reann” from yesterday’s MSNBC, featuring Tamron Hall darned near bubbling over with gleeful nonjudgmentalism. Exit question: How’d you like to be one of the girls who finished as runners-up? Heart-ache.

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