It’s a qualified success, but only because Joy’s guest-hosting and had to choke down the more bilious sentiments she’d have happily barfed up if they’d been equals on a panel. The transcript’s here if you’d rather read than watch. A highlight:

BEHAR: So are you saying that if — that if George Clooney asked you out on a date, you’d say no, because he’s a big liberal?

COULTER: Correct.

BEHAR: Really?


BEHAR: Well, what kind of men do you like?

COULTER: I like men, i.e. conservatives. I don’t want them checking with the U.N. to get, you know, a resolution before making a move.

Exit quotation from 5:37 in: “Are you frightened or gleeful that Rush Limbaugh seems to be the head of your party these days?”