I’ll appear on Hugh Hewitt’s syndicated radio show this evening at 8:20 pm ET.  I will get Hugh to admit that he rooted for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time in his life.  All of the other topics will pale in comparison, but we will also talk about the Obama inauguration, the the media coverage of the stimulus package, the Ramos/Compean commutations, and much much more.

While you’re at Hugh’s site, be sure to order your copy of The War Against the West.  Hugh has compiled transcripts of some of his best interviews on the war, including General David Petraeus, John Burns, Walid Phares, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Yon, and many more.  Many people think of talk radio as a forum for shouters and screamers, but Hugh does intelligent radio (as he says), and this compilation proves it.  It’s a wealth of information for those looking to learn.