Assuming a $775 billion stimulus, the new estimate means we’ll be paying $193,750 for each job “saved or created” instead of just north of $258,000. Come 2010, of course, we’ll be told that he actually saved many more jobs than even that, so who knows? A little fine tuning of the numbers — they are, after all, “subject to significant margins of error” — and we might get down to under $100,000 per job before all’s said and done. Assuming there are no other stimulus bills passed before the midterms, of course.

But what are the odds of that?

In a new report, his transition team says his spending plan would create between 3.3 million and 4.1 million jobs. The report was released as Mr. Obama battles fellow Democrats in Congress over the size and details of the bill, which the president-elect wants to total slightly less than $800 billion but which some Democratic leaders say should near $1 trillion.

The Obama report says that even with a recovery package, unemployment will still be 7 percent at the end of 2010, but would be 8.8 percent without a recovery. Mr. Obama earlier in the week had warned of double-digit unemployment, but the report does not appear to back that claim.

Here’s The One touting the new numbers himself; skip ahead to 1:30 if you can’t be bothered with the intro. Follow-up exit question from yesterday: Instead of pothole-filler, how about trench-digger? That infrastructure isn’t just going to improve itself, people.