Allahpundit and I are getting a lot of mail about the 2008 Weblog Awards, for which this blog has been named a finalist for the Best Blog category.  Kevin Aylward and the Wizbang folks do a great job with this every year, and it’s an honor to be nominated.  They deserve a lot of credit for their hard work, which usually results in a lot of griping and not enough appreciation.

I think the best value of these awards is the opportunity it affords us to find new writers and new voices — or at least new to us.  Often we get locked into a small circle of blogs and only access others through link chains.  The Weblog Awards and their large list of finalists allow us to check out fresh sites, and how hard would it be to look at one new blog for each day of the contest?  We might be surprised by what we find.

Feel free to vote for us every day as well, of course.  It’s an honor to be nominated, and it’s fun to win, but we’re having a lot of fun anyway.

Update (AP): I couldn’t care less except to the extent that the world’s foremost Trig Truther is presently in the lead and his ego is such that he will feel validated by winning. Maybe we can get Aylward to add a “Not Sullivan” option and vote en masse for that.