It’s a good thing I didn’t put up a thread on the playoffs yesterday.  I would have picked against both the Chargers and the Cardinals.  The Bolts had built momentum for the playoffs, but I thought Peyton Manning would have beaten them in post-season mode.  The Cardinals limped into the playoffs and Atlanta finished strong, but apparently Arizona just saved it up for the playoffs.

We have two more games today, and that should take my mind off the fact that Granddaughter #2 has remained obstinate about making her debut.  We’re expecting her tomorrow at the latest, as the doctor says he’ll induce sometime Monday if nothing happens until then.  Meanwhile, our visiting family has left town disappointed, and we’re recovering from a fun but exhausting week with company.  With the temperature at 0 today, it looks like a good day to curl up in front of the TV for some playoff fun.

Here are my completely unreliable picks today, in which I predict no surprises:

  • Baltimore at Miami — The Dolphins have had a Cinderella season, rebounding from a 1-15 debacle in 2007 to win the division this year.  Baltimore got a wildcard bid.  I’d love to see Baltimore get bounced from the playoffs and Miami extend its remarkable comeback … but it’s not going to happen.  Ravens over the Fins, 27-10.
  • Philadelphia at Minnesota — Both teams have been inconsistent this year.  Which Vikings and Eagles will show up today?  I’m loathe to pick the Vikes after so many disappointments, but they’ve been playing better of late and they’re playing in the Metrodome.  Vikings 24-21 in OT.

What are your picks today?

Update: That’s the second time in a month I’ve been within a point of a final score — and in this case, only a blocked PAT attempt kept me from getting it perfect in the Baltimore-Miami game.