Well, maybe not so much warm as hot, as in hot pursuit.  After the erstwhile Green Party presidential candidate announced her intention to carry medical supplies by boat to Hamas — an organization on the US State Department’s terrorist list, by the way — the former Congresswoman had a close encounter of the third kind with an Israeli warship:

An Israel Navy ship clashed on Tuesday with a small boat carrying international activists with aid destined for Gaza, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

There were no reported casualties from the incident involving the small cabin cruiser “Dignity” that sailed from Cyprus late on Monday. …

Free Gaza Movement told Reuters their boat, carrying 3.5 tons of medical aid with 16 people aboard, was rammed and shot at while in international waters about 70-80 miles off Gaza by Israeli naval vessel.

Palmor denied there had been any shooting although the two ships made “physical contact.” He said no one had been hurt and that the Israeli ship escorted the aid boat back to Cypriot territorial waters.

Michelle has links to McKinney’s political donors, which would explain why she sides with terrorists against the Israelis.  She and her family have made no secret of their distaste for Jews, and running supplies to their enemies certainly fits within their pattern of hostility.

Actually, though, I think McKinney would have been shocked to reach Gaza’s shore.  The whole blockade-running attempt was a cheap political stunt intended to get attention.  McKinney didn’t get the kind of attention she thought she’d get at the top of the Green ticket this year, since Barack Obama managed to suck up all of the media fawning available.  Ramming her Dignity got her exactly what she wanted, and a delicious piece of irony for the rest of us.